Product Safety Policy

We understand the importance of product safety and strive to provide safe products.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
    We comply with laws and regulations related to product safety, including “Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act.”
  • Product safety management system
    We maintain and improve our product safety management system through our quality management system based on ISO9001, and strive to ensure safety throughout the product life cycle.
  • Efforts to prevent accidents
    We will display warnings and alerts in instruction manuals and product bodies so that customers can use our products safely.
  • Appropriate response to product accidents
    In the event of a product accident, we will promptly report it to the competent authorities, notify our customers, and strive to take measures to recall the products and prevent further spread.
  • Preventive measure
    We will thoroughly analyze the cause of the accident and strive to prevent recurrence.

The above merely describes our general policy, and in no event shall we be liable under this policy.

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