Company Name
NTT Innovative Devices Corporation
June 1982
President & CEO
Hidehiro Tsukano
Numbers of Employees
566 (as of August 1, 2023)
Annual Sales
Annual Sales (FY 2020) US$264million($1=¥100)
  • Atsugi Branch
  • Atsugi Center
  • Ibaraki Branch
  • NTT DevIces America Inc.
  • NTT DevIces Hong Kong Limited
  • NTT DevIces Shenzhen Limited
  • NTT DevIces Europe S.r.l.
  • NTT DevIces Techno Corporation
  • NTT DevIces COPRO Corporation
  • NTT DevIces Optech Corporation
  • NTT DevIces Cross Technologies Corporation
  • fJscaler Inc.


From hard-won achievements and proven reliability to new milestones and breakthroughs.

1982 June Nihon Denshi Gijutsu KK established
1985 August Company name changed to NTT Electronics Technology Corp.
1988 May Re-capitalized at ¥380,500,000
1989 April Quality Assurance Division established
  October Marketing & Sales Division established and opened
1990 October Atsugi Design Center opened
1991 October Re-capitalized at ¥1,880,500,000
1992 April Business Management Division established
  May Re-capitalized at ¥2,630,500,000
1993 July Ibaraki Office opened
1994 October Obtained ISO 9001 Certification (Ultra-High-Speed Electronics Business Group)
1995 July Optical Devices Division established
1996 December Obtained ISO 9001 Certifications (LSI Business Group)
1997 July Name changed to NTT Electronics Corporation
  August Ebina Branch opened
  November Musashino Branch opened
  December Obtained ISO 9001 Certification (Hybrid Optical Devices)
1998 March New Ibaraki premises opened
  April Ultra-high-speed Electronics & Photonics Operations Group established
  July Obtained ISO 9001 Certification (Photonics Business Group)
1999 April North American Representative Office established
  September Osaka Office opened
  October Ibaraki production facilities expanded; Obtained ISO 14001 Certification (Ibaraki Branch)
2000 February NEL America, Inc. established
  March NTT Electronics Techno Corp. established
  November Obtained ISO 14001 Certification (company wide)
2001 January New factory built in Ibaraki
  February Re-capitalized at ¥8,707,500,000
2005 August Capital reduction at ¥3,329,647,680
2006 October Beijing Office opened
2007 July Re-capitalized at ¥6,576,787,680
2009 February Milan Office opened
2010 January Shenzhen Office opened
2011 July NTT Electronics Hong Kong Limited is established
2012 January NTT Electronics Shenzhen Limited is established
2015 February NTT Electronics America, Inc. West Coast Office opened
  March NTT Electronics Europe S.r.l. established
2017 January NEL America, Inc. is renamed to NTT Electronics America, Inc.
April NTT Electronics Optech Corp. established
2018 April NEL Crystal Corp. renamed to NTT Electronics COPRO Corp.
2021 June NTT Electronics Cross Technologies Corp. established
2022 November fJscaler Inc. established
2023 August Name changed to NTT Innovative Devices Corporation


(As of August 1, 2023)

NTT Innovative Devices consists of the following departments (As of October 1, 2020): IOWN Business Strategy Office, Sales and Marketing Support Div., Broadband System & Device Business Group, Digital Video Component Business Group, Photonic Component Business Group, Quality Assurance Div., Productivity Innovation Div., Procurement Management Div., Planning & Management Div., Finance & Accounting Div., General Affaires Div., Personnel Div., Legal & Intellectual Property Div., Internal Audit Div., Export Control Div., Board of Directors, President, Auditors, Auditors Office.

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