NTT Electronics to Exhibit New Products and Technologies at "NAB 2023"
March 29, 2023

NTT Electronics Corporation will exhibit digital video and network products at the 2023 NAB Show. Three product categories will be showcased: HEVC contribution encoder/decoder, media converter, and AI chipset.

NTT Electronics Booth Number
W1673, West Hall - Floor Plan - NAB SHOW 2023

Registration - 2023 NAB Show (
For customers of NTT Electronics, we are delighted to offer Guest Pass Code: LV58962. With this code, you can get a Free Exhibits Pass to the 2023 NAB Show. The free pass will be available until March 31.

Technologies on exhibition:

HEVC Encoder / Decoder

product image
product image

HC Series : HC32000 and HC1x000

HC Series is a high-end UHD HEVC encoder / decoder, suitable for live sporting events and international video transmission.


  • 4K support
  • High image quality and Ultra low latency @33ms for HD, @100ms for UHD

product image

HEVC IP Encoder / Decoder MV7000

MV7000 is a compact HEVC HD IP encoder/decoder. It offers a variety of functionalities for IP transmission.


  • SRT support
  • High image quality, Ultra low latency @33ms for HD

Plus Repeater Series

This is a media converter device that converts electrical signals into optical signals in order to construct an optical transmission network.


  • 100Mbps to 100Gbps bandwidth support
  • Support Optical transmission with one fiber
  • Available CWDM/DWDM transponder
  • Long distance transmission over 80km

Application Examples
High bandwidth optical fiber connection for

  • Long distance content transmission network
  • University campus connection
  • Corporate LAN
  • Surveillance camera network

Smart AI chip "Green*"

(Green* : Temporary name)

product image

Small, battery-operated AI chip

"Green" performs object recognition and human pose estimation useful for edge AI cameras and remote production.


  • Real-time object recognition and pose estimation
  • Low power consumption @1-2W
  • H.264 Full HD encoding
  • Small size 12mm x 12mm

Small camera kit powered by a mobile battery is available for your product evaluation.

Exhibition Information

Exhibition Name
NAB 2017
April 16 - 19, 2023
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
NTT Electronics Booth No.
W1673 (West Hall, View the floorplan)


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