Protection Policy for Personal Data

  1. Fundamental Policy
    NTT Innovative Devices Corporation (hereinafter called "NEL") hereby declares its intention to meet its customers' expectations for reliability by 1) observing the laws and in-house regulations concerning personal data (identifiable data of individuals; hereinafter called "Personal Data"), 2) collecting and utilizing such data in an appropriate manner, and 3) safely maintaining the most up-to-date Personal Data and deleting data as necessary in an appropriate manner
  2. Organizational Actions
    NEL shall implement the Fundamental Policy by taking the following actions.
    • (1) Observe the laws concerning Personal Data.
    • (2) Develop in-house regulations and rules concerning Personal Data as necessary for each system and administration and observe said rules.
    • (3) Undertake regular inspections to verify whether Personal Data is being handled in an appropriate manner. Improvements shall be implemented in areas in which problems are found.
    • (4) Post this policy on its Web site at and provide constant access.
  3. Handling of Personal Data
    The following tasks shall be performed with respect to handling of Personal Data.
    • (1) NEL, by assigning control managers for each system and administration that handles Personal Data and by preparing in-house regulations and rules, shall establish a control system suitable for the protection of its customers' Personal Data. For example, NEL employs SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for the input of customers' Personal Data. NEL makes continuous efforts to build a secure Web site that is protected against risks such as wiretapping, alteration, and identity theft.
    • (2) The collection of Personal Data for the purposes of use and/or supply to a third parties shall be carried out within a designated scope after a clear notification of the purpose of use and the usage range, except where prohibited by law or the pertinent guidelines of the competent authorities.
    • (3) Personal Data shall be used within the scope stated in (2) based on a deep awareness of the importance of its protection. NEL carefully selects parties to supply with or commission the processing of all or portions of Personal Data, and by legally binding contract manages and supervises said assigned parties to prevent the disclosure and/or retransmission of Personal Data.
    • (4) NEL respects its customers' rights regarding their Personal Data, and upon a customer's request shall disclose, modify, and/or delete their data within a reasonable period. Through these measures, NEL strives to maintain the most up-to-date data.
    • (5) The means of handling Personal Data shall be reviewed and improvements made thereto in an appropriate manner.

Establishment : June 21, 2013

Hidehiro Tsukano
President and Chief Executive Officer
NTT Innovative Devices Corporation

Handling of Customers' Data

NTT Innovative Devices Corporation (hereinafter called "NEL") controls Personal Data such as user names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses voluntarily supplied through its Web site. This Personal Data shall be considered to be of high importance, and shall be treated with the utmost care and collected, stored, and used under strict control.

  1. Inquiring about Individual Information
    NEL may request users provide their Personal Data when:
    • (1) user applies or register for various services;
    • (2) user replies to various questionnaires;
    • (3) user applies for events such as exhibitions, seminars, support groups, etc.; and
    • (4) user applies for recruitment exams.
  2. Use of Personal Data
    NEL uses the Personal Data supplied by its customers for the following purposes:
    • (1) To supply services which are registered or applied for;
    • (2) To verify or provide the information required for (1);
    • (3) To report the results of a customers' participation in an event or questionnaire;
    • (4) To offer direct mail, fax, or e-mail; and
    • (5) To improve and further develop NEL's services.
  3. Verification, Modification, and Deletion of Personal Data
    NEL responds to customers' requests for verification of the contents of Personal Data and/or the purpose of its use immediately upon identification of the customer, except where prohibited by law.
    Based on the results of this verification process, if incorrect data or data requiring modification exists, NEL will immediately modify, supplement, and/or delete the data in accordance with the customer's request. The same applies to data which has been entrusted to third parties.
    Requests for verification, modification, and deletion of Personal Data should be sent to

  4. Management of Personal Data
    NEL shall manage Personal Data subject to its Protection Policy for Personal Data.
  5. Contact Information and Personal Data Claims
    All enquiries should be directed to NEL at


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