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Planar Lightwave Circuit Lineup

Optical Semiconductor Lineup

Planar Lightwave Circuit Lineup

Polarization control PLC

PBC(B) / Polarization Rotator
PBC(S) : Polarization Beam Combiner (Splitter)

2X1 optical rotator and combiner : Integrate polarization rotator and PBC into one chip using highly reliable Silica-on-Si PLC technology.

Digital Coherent Receiver PLC

Dual Polarization Optical Hybrid

PLC-based PBS-integrated coherent mixer : Integrate PBS and VOA and two 90 degree optical hybrids into one chip using highly reliable Silica-on-Si PLC technology.(optional : Monita Port)

Very Small PLC Chip

Very Small PLC Chip

Our very small PLC chip uses ultra-high index technology for size reduction and volume production. It is applicable to wavelength MUX/DEMUX in transceiver and contributes downsizing of transceiver.

AWG Multi / Demultiplexer

Athermal AWG

AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Grating) is a multi-port wavelength filter that has a large number of waveguides in an array. Athermal AWG achieves high optical wavelength stability in a very compact size without a temperature controller.

Thermal AWG

AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Grating) wavelength multi / demultiplexer for use in WDM system. It consists of temperature control for the precise wavelength stability of the filter.

WDM-PON Athermal AWG

WDM-PON Athermal AWG covers both C-band and L-band simultaneously by cyclic property.

Thermo-optic Switches / Attenuators / MxN MCS

MxN Multicast Switch

PLC-based multicast switch (MCS) is promising solution to realize CDC-less function with reasonable cost.

  • Compact 1-RU height with dual configuration
  • Wavelength independence
  • High durability and stability

1xN Optical Switch

PLC* based 1xN optical switch provides a compact, stable and highly reliable solution for optical switching. Its highly reliable and high speed nature is applicable to the multiple point power monitoring by sharing single optical channel monitor.

*PLC: Planar Lightwave Circuit

NxN Non-blocking Optical Matrix Switch

PLC* based NxN optical matrix switch provides a compact, stable and reliable solution for optical cross connect. The NxN matrix switch has a non-blocking configulation.

*PLC: Planar Lightwave Circuit

Splitters / Couplers

1xN Splitter
MxN Splitter

  • 1xN (N=4, 8, 16, 32, 64)
  • 2xN (N=8, 16, 32)
  • 8x(4x4), 16x(1x2)

Sub assembly for optical power monitor

32ch integrated TAP-PD

A fiber array assembly that incorporates TAP-PD. A power monitor function can be easily added to a multi-channel optical communication device.

Optical Semiconductor Lineup

Avalanche Photodiode (APD)

100G(4ch x 25Gbps)APD-ROSA

  • Stable operation at both of 25.78Gb/s and 27.95Gb/s
  • High responsivity and gain enables to extend the transmission distance beyond 30km without FEC and 40km with FEC.
  • Small size and low power dissipation for QSFP28 optical transceivers.

25Gbaud-based APD Chip on Carrier (CoC) [planning]

  • InP-based APD-Chip on Carrier (CoC)
  • High responsivity and gain, High resistivity for Overload
  • Applicable for both of NRZ and PAM4 operation

Semiconductor Laser Diodes (LD)


  • Dispersion penalty : < 2 dB
  • Dispersion tolerance : 1600ps/nm
  • MSA compliant

High-power EML

  • SOA-integrated EML
  • 10GBaud/25GBaud*/50GBaud* (*planning)
  • High optical output power, low power consumption
  • Support PON/LAN-WDM application with high loss budget

Coherent Optical Modulator

Ultra High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator (UHB-CDM)

  • OIF-HB-CDM-02.0 Type3
  • Supports 140Gbd (Class80)
  • Low optical loss (insertion loss and modulation loss)

COSA2.0 (Coherent Optical Sub-Assembly)

  • 400Gbps/λ 64GBd 16QAM, support 400ZR, Open ZR+ and Open ROADM
  • Non-hermetic TEC-free packaging and simple assembly without any optical lens
  • Optical BGA package for Solder Reflow-able Assembly

ExaLIGHT 400

  • Both 400G DSP and COSA(based coherent optical modulator and receiver sub-assembly) are implemented into a SINGLE solder reflow-able optical BGA package
  • The same functions and optimal tuned performances by combination of ExaSPEED 400-R and COSA2.0

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