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Planar Lightwave Circuit Lineup

Optical Semiconductor Lineup

Planar Lightwave Circuit Lineup

Polarization control PLC

PBC(B) / Polarization Rotator
PBC(S) : Polarization Beam Combiner (Splitter)

2X1 optical rotator and combiner : Integrate polarization rotator and PBC into one chip using highly reliable Silica-on-Si PLC technology.

Digital Coherent Receiver PLC

Dual Polarization Optical Hybrid

PLC-based PBS-integrated coherent mixer : Integrate PBS and VOA and two 90 degree optical hybrids into one chip using highly reliable Silica-on-Si PLC technology.(optional : Monita Port)

Very Small PLC Chip

Very Small PLC Chip

Our very small PLC chip uses ultra-high index technology for size reduction and volume production. It is applicable to wavelength MUX/DEMUX in transceiver and contributes downsizing of transceiver.

AWG Multi / Demultiplexer

Athermal AWG

AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Grating) is a multi-port optical filter that has a large number of waveguides in an array.

Thermal AWG

NEL is the pioneer and market leader of AWG. NEL's AWG combines and splits optical signals of different wavelengths for use in WDM systems. The heart of the device, the AWG, consists of a number of arrayed channel waveguides that act together like a diffraction grating in a spectrometer.

WDM-PON Athermal AWG

NEL's WDM-PON Athermal AWG covers both C-band and L-band simultaneously by cyclic property. This dual band operation can be used for upstream and downstream of the access network. NEL's patented design technology compensating temperature-dependent wavelength change for wide operating temperature range ( -40 to +70 degree C ).

Thermo-optic Switches / Attenuators / MxN MCS

MxN Multicast Switch

PLC-based multicast switch (MCS) is promising solution to realize CDC-less function with reasonable cost.

  • Compact 1-RU height with dual configuration
  • Wavelength independence
  • High durability and stability

1xN Optical Switch

PLC* based 1xN optical switch provides a compact, stable and highly reliable solution for optical switching. Its highly reliable and high speed nature is applicable to the multiple point power monitoring by sharing single optical channel monitor.

*PLC: Planar Lightwave Circuit

NxN Non-blocking Optical Matrix Switch

PLC* based NxN optical matrix switch provides a compact, stable and reliable solution for optical cross connect. The NxN matrix switch has a non-blocking configulation.

*PLC: Planar Lightwave Circuit

Splitters / Couplers

1xN Splitter
MxN Splitter

  • 1xN (N=4, 8, 16, 32, 64)
  • 2xN (N=8, 16, 32)
  • 8x(4x4), 16x(1x2)

Sub assembly for optical power monitor

32ch integrated TAP-PD

A fiber array assembly that incorporates TAP-PD. A power monitor function can be easily added to a multi-channel optical communication device.

Optical Semiconductor Lineup

Avalanche Photodiode (APD)

100G(4ch x 25Gbps)APD-ROSA

  • Stable operation at both of 25.78Gb/s and 27.95Gb/s
  • High responsivity and gain enables to extend the transmission distance beyond 30km without FEC and 40km with FEC.
  • Small size and low power dissipation for QSFP28 optical transceivers.

25Gbaud-based APD Chip on Carrier (CoC) [planning]

  • InP-based APD-Chip on Carrier (CoC)
  • High responsivity and gain, High resistivity for Overload
  • Applicable for both of NRZ and PAM4 operation

Semiconductor Laser Diodes (LD)


  • Dispersion penalty : < 2 dB
  • Dispersion tolerance : 1600ps/nm
  • MSA compliant

High-power EML

  • SOA-integrated EML
  • 10GBaud/25GBaud*/50GBaud* (*planning)
  • High optical output power, low power consumption
  • Support PON/LAN-WDM application with high loss budget

Coherent Optical Modulator

Ultra High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator (UHB-CDM)

  • OIF-HB-CDM-02.0 Type3
  • Supports 140Gbd (Class80)
  • Low optical loss (insertion loss and modulation loss)

COSA2.0 (Coherent Optical Sub-Assembly)

  • 400Gbps/λ 64GBd 16QAM, support 400ZR, Open ZR+ and Open ROADM
  • Non-hermetic TEC-free packaging and simple assembly without any optical lens
  • Optical BGA package for Solder Reflow-able Assembly
New Arrival

ExaLIGHT 400

  • Both 400G DSP and COSA(based coherent optical modulator and receiver sub-assembly) are implemented into a SINGLE solder reflow-able optical BGA package
  • The same functions and optimal tuned performances by combination of ExaSPEED 400-R and COSA2.0

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